Crowing with Chris
Fri, Oct 30
Oct 30, 7:00 PM
Current Events, Call Outs, Compliments, and of course Chickens.~ Feel free to join us and have a fun conversation with Chris Adcock. See you next Friday!
Vote and Bloat with VotesForAdcock2020
Sun, Nov 01
Nov 01, 6:00 PM
Get to know the Democratic Candidate for Iowa House District 24, Chris Adcock, at this interactive dine-in event. Bring your dinner, your family, and even your family pet to discuss what matters the most to you this election season. Also, feel free to stick around for some topical conversation too
Pets for VotesForAdcock2020
Mon, Nov 09
Nov 09, 7:00 PM
Meet the fluffy and feathered friends behind the spirit of the Chris Adcock campaign. They worked hard to keep our morale up during the pandemic and now it's time to give them a little recognition in this virtual meet and greet. All you need is a cat, fish, dog, hamster, snake, or any other kind of
Call Into Iowa House 24 with VotesForAdcock2020
Time is TBD
Time is TBD
SW Iowa is at an important juncture in its existence. With 20-year downward trends in population and the loss of small manufacturing companies, our community is relying on the "outside world" to buoy us up. We need your help to get Chris Adcock, a candidate who will crow the loudest for rural

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