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An expert approach 

Facts and science--and the opinion of  3,300 members from Southwest Iowa--have informed Chris in her understanding of the universal and fulsome impact of the coronavirus.

An issue that must be recognized and handled appropriately

Chris believes that for the next 5-10 years, COVID-19 will be what affects our state and local economies, health and healthcare, education, and businesses more than anything. It is the blanket that “wraps” every issue with urgency and dire importance for rural Iowa.

About: Issues


Medical professionals in your local community


Chris knows from personal experience that a medical appointment shouldn’t be a long-distance trip to a specialist or facility when life is on the line. Our local medical professionals must be encouraged to stay by providing them with stronger incentives, better insurance reimbursement levels and processes, and a welcoming and thriving community.

A focus on mental health services


Mental health care must be accessible for all--in schools and virtually--as we take seriously the mental well-being of our neighbors.

The new approach to pay for healthcare

One of the first things Chris will work on is ending Iowa’s costly and widely unpopular privatized Medicaid reimbursement program. It has strapped hospital budgets and caused the elimination of basic programs such as childbirth. It is unacceptable that the emergency medical helicopter left our region in the middle of a pandemic. 



Transportation and the Internet the way you need it

Rural economies depend on interconnections with urban-based economies. Already, long-distance trips and internet purchases are made on a daily basis. Planning ahead, Chris knows we can develop better transportation systems and communication routes--including fast internet connectivity for all.

Trade/Technical training as an option

The demand for tradespeople is at an all-time high. By offering training as early as high school and identifying public-private projects such as new and rehab housing opportunities, entire communities will benefit and entrepreneurship will flourish. 

Advocating for your local business

As a former small-business owner, Chris knows the personal turmoil of “closing up shop”. As we rebuild from the COVID-19 and recent tariff hits, Chris is driven to foster new entrepreneurship. We must also fortify established mom-and-pop and vital farming businesses, bringing them back and running better than ever.

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